Planning for Higher Demand

  • Standard 1200ml (40oz) units are out of stock everywhere
  • Cartridges for these units are out of stock everywhere
  • Demand will only increase for these cartridges 
  • Consider our P-1900 Unit that services 3 times more people (1920 vs 600)
  • Consider that our Hand Sanitizer manufacturing and distribution is dedicated only to you
  • Consider that our competition sells product at 4 cents per use and we have product for as low as 2.5 cents per use

As you plan for the higher demand at your organization, consider this helpful FAQs...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many uses do you get from a gallon? A gallon will dispense approximately 1920 times for a typical hand sanitizer dose (2ML). The typical 1200ML units are 40oz and will dispense 600 times. A gallon unit will provide 3x the dispensing capabilities.

  • Where should we put our sanitizer units? Industries are placing units wherever people que up in a line or at entrances/exits.

  • How many uses should we plan for?  Plan for a minimum of 2 times a day per person. Most will use the equipment if is accessible and easy or if it is required to gain entrance.

  • How many gallons do I need for my school? To conduct a 2x per day regimen, a school needs 22 to 24 gallons a month per 1000 students