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Equipment and sanitizers for for all your organizations needs. 

Protection up to 24 HOURS on Skin

Protection up to 30 DAYS on Surfaces


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Thank you for visiting our site, I’m Chris Willeke, founder of EverGreen Solutions

I spent 24 Days battling the Covid-19 virus. With the help of God and the love of my family and friends we beat it. Now, I want to help schools, restaurants, businesses, and organizations win the fight against Covid. 

We provide the very best products and equipment to meet all of your sanitization needs. We are particularly excited about our partnership with Novalent Sanitizer. This product provides protection up to 24hrs on hand and up to 30 days on surfaces. 

EverGreen Solutions is committed to helping you protect your students, customers, friends and family; and doing it in the most environmentally responsible way.

Please let us know how we can help you!

God bless us all

Sanitizer Dispensing Units and
Hand Sanitizer Available to Ship Today!
How it works


Our units run on rechargeable batteries so there is no waste created from using disposable batteries


We pay you to recycle your empty containers with us. We will refurbish and refill containers to make your sanitizer program a Zero Waste program


EverGreen Solutions is a wholly-owned Subsidiary of


Set up is easy and future plans for our equipment include remote status monitoring for all your dispensers (internet of things)


This design is built around the needs of high volume usage. With Covid-19, the demand has created a need for high volume units. Ours is the best in the market. 

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